platinum oasis project:
Unnamed Incidentals
(vice squad dicks, Rampart Division #32)


this is part of a show that is being currated by ron athey and dr. vaginal cream davis at the coral sands motel in hollywood. This hotel is a notorious gay cruising spot and a very nasty place in general. The show is being sponsored by and is part of outfest 2001 and is part of their platinum experimental segment


here is our plan

Concept: gather a bunch of men in a sleazy hotel room for a bought of anonymous gay sex with people they have never met. As soon as the participants arrive they are asked to fill out a release form. This release form is similar to a standard release for use of likeness in video reproduction except that in addition it has an attachment where the participants outline their sexual wants, needs, and limits. The organizers (bill van rooy and benjamin james godsill & CO) then compile the 'sexual needs and wants' portion of the questionnaire and use it to create numbered cards for each individual that in a easy to read graphical manner show that individuals needs, wants and limits. The individual is given a numbered tag corresponding to their 'graphical interface sheet' to wear around their necks for the duration of the 'shows' taping. Participants are then asked to select, from the cards that are laid out, partner(s) who's want, needs, and limits match with their own. william van rooy and benjamin james godsill the artists will take part in all these stages

Once the combinations are sorted out and partnerships are arranged and agreed to the various combinations proceed to take part in the prescribed activities in either the bathroom or on/near the bed of the motel room

While the activities are taking place one or more cameras in one or more the of following formats; DV, Mini-DV, VHS, Hi-8, and super-8mm are used to film the activities from a variety of angles and perspectives.

The various records of the encounters will then be edited into three continuous loops, locked down with no sound and then transferred to VHS or another easily accessed medium.

For the actual show the bed will be cleared from what is hopefully the same hotel room and musical synthesizers will be installed by william van rooy, robert zimmer, and all other participating musicians. against the back wall of the room. A video projector will be installed and it will be aimed up against the piece of wall and the floor where the bed once was (with the addition of butcher paper on the floor if necessary). The edited videotape of the activities that took place on the bed will then be displayed where the bed once stood. The bathroom of the hotel room will be littered with used (appearing) condoms, half empty bottles of lube, pornographic magazines and other various appendages of decedent behavior. edited video of what took place in the shower will be looped and played on a closed circuit television in the shower (with the water running if technically feasible). This display will only show things that took place in that shower including but not limited to the taking of my anal virginity by a female with a strap on and any water sports action that takes place. Likewise on the projection in the main room only what took place on or near the bed will be displayed

Through out all of this william van rooy and his musical partner will create a combination of prerecorded and live sounds to accompany the video.

There will also be an accompanying booklet, printed in black ink on clear plastic outlining the methods of what we did and pictures of the release forms and graphical interface cards that were used.

to take part in this event as a participent please contact ben or bill